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8-Figure E-commerce Business recovering abandoned carts with a 3200% ROI

This e-commerce business, with multiple direct-to-consumer brands, is selling products in the fashion, beauty, and consumer goods categories. They operate within the EU market and have started using CartBoss to reduce their cart abandonment rate and grow more revenue.

The company wanted to find a better solution for reducing their cart abandonment rate because emails alone just weren’t doing the job!

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“Preparing for Q4 is a busy time for us. We heard about the results CartBoss was delivering for other online shops. Since everything is already set up and the integration is very simple, we decided to test it out.”

The reality of customer acquisition from paid social media ads is that it’s getting more and more expensive. To be able to thrive in such a competitive environment, optimization of sales is crucial.

70% of people that are just one click away from completing their purchase will abandon their cart and leave your website.

Unexpected costs and “real life” interruptions are the most common reasons for cart abandonment.

It’s really interesting to see how many people actually fill out their information but leave without making a purchase.

Company’s marketing team

CartBoss retargets visitors with highly-converting personalized messages that are sent in their native language.

You can send them a discount offer right away, but we just send a gentle reminder at first. And it works, we’re getting 3600% ROI with our first message! Those who still don’t finish their order get a second message a few hours later – this time with a discount offer.

Head of Marketing

Email re-engagement campaigns just doesn’t work anymore!

We’re operating in 16 EU countries so our communication needs to be in 16 different languages! So much effort goes into connecting with our audience in their native language but we still get only 9% open rates with emails at the most. It’s getting really hard to compete with emails while not being spammy, so I expect open rates will keep decreasing.

Company’s CEO
Email Text messages
Open rate 8% 99%
Open rate within 3 min <1% 93%
Click-through rate 2% 37%

Text messages are a completely new ballgame!

Text messages are just amazing! In more than 93% of cases, they are opened in under 3 minutes of receiving them. No other retargeting solution offers these kinds of results!

Sending a personalized offer to your visitors, just 10 minutes after they’ve abandoned their cart, directly to their phone, gives you an immense advantage over emails.

With the help of CartBoss, they ramped up their marketing results by recovering abandoned carts, boosting retention, and increasing their customers’ lifetime value!

With last month’s stats of 39% CTR, 3200% ROI, and around 15% cart recovery rate, I’m positive CartBoss will help us improve our Q4 goals,” stated the owner of the company.

Company’s CEO

Start recovering abandoned carts  today!

Optimize your marketing campaigns, automate your online profit and get in direct contact with your online visitors!


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