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Marketing costs are going up so optimizing your ROAS is crucial

E-commerce companies are progressively struggling with increasing costs on all frontsmarketing, delivery, taxes, etc. The costs are constantly growing and there is not much that can be done about it.

Finding different ways of optimizing their marketing spending is crucial for e-commerce companies to grow or even to just keep the same profit margins. They are constantly trying new methods and marketing strategies to help their companies grow. The most successful approach is to use text messages. However, this has been difficult to implement so far and has demanded a big time and money investment from companies in order to incorporate text messages into their marketing.

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“We have been testing various text messaging solutions for our online shops, but they were all difficult to use in a real-world scenario. The solutions sounded great but when it came to using them, they weren’t all that simple nor were they useful for us.”

CEO of Ecominna Group Ltd.

CartBoss has been a big project that has developed in close collaboration with e-commerce brands, listening to their problems and challenges they are facing, trying to provide them with a straightforward solution.

Their main problems were time and website integration. Most companies simply do not have the resources or time to test various messages in order to find the best ones. Moreover, they do not want to develop custom solutions for various special offers sent through text messages.

Everything works out of the box! It is a solution on full autopilot. We don’t have to worry about any settings at all. The recipient’s language is detected by CartBoss, so we don’t have to worry about human error.

The sent offer is then immediately added to the cart without having to generate coupon codes on the website. And what I love most is that the checkout form is automatically populated with the visitor’s data!

CEO of Ecominna Group Ltd.

Features that make a customer’s experience seamless and offer a fast completion of the checkout process all affect the conversion rates. CartBoss focuses on peak performance and solutions like these, which makes it a perfect tool for growing your ROAS on autopilot.

Ecommina Group Ltd. is really successful with recovering abandoned carts by using text messages as it has a ROI upwards of 6000% in some countries. They found the perfect offer for their customers to convince them to complete their order and it grew their ROAS immensely.

With more and more features being added to CartBoss every month and expanding to new countries, we offer the perfect solution that will help optimize marketing costs for every e-commerce company.

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