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What can you expect from CartBoss

Recovering abandoned carts has mostly been done with emails so far. This solution did provide OK results in most cases but you couldn’t really do better anyway.

E-commerce companies have been trying to convince their website visitors to complete their purchases by emailing them special offers. However, emails have limitations that can not be overcome: they are most often left unread, regarded as spam, or not even entered correctly in the checkout form. No matter the case, an industry standard for abandoned cart email click-through rate is 8%.

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By using text messages for recovering abandoned carts, CartBoss achieves an average of 37% click-through rate and a ROI of between 1400% and 2400% with most users.

What can you expect from CartBoss?

The simplicity of its integration is unimaginable – adding a new website to your CartBoss dashboard and connecting it via an API key is a process that takes only a few minutes.

The only thing needed from you is that you connect your site with your CartBoss account. That is it!

  • Phone numbers are automatically verified!
  • The recipient’s language is automatically detected!
  • Sent offers are automatically embedded in the cart!

The overall average CTR for our text messages is 37%. Some have a much higher CTR than others – it ranges from 22% all the way up to 70%.

The same impressive results are achieved with the return of investment – an overall average ROI for our clients is currently 2400% while usually, the results range between 1600% and 3000%.

Keep in mind that ROI does not only vary between each client, but it varies from country to country as well.

Some countries can have an average ROI of around 1400% whereas some have it as high as 7000%!

We strive for ease of use and strongly believe we have achieved it. When our users are as surprised as they are by the simplicity and fast integration, we know we did a good job.

Damjan Malis
CartBoss Co-Founder

With CartBoss you do not need:

  • A developer to integrate it into your shop,
  • A copywriter to prepare different text messages,
  • A translation company to translate the messages.

Integrating a webshop with CartBoss is a process that takes only a few minutes.

In your dashboard, you add a new site by entering the URL of the shop, and you’re done.

Each site is given a custom API key and you just enter it in the plugin of the site – whether it be a WooCommerce or a Shopify store.

We even have a custom API integration available with a prepared SDK with code examples, making it simple for developers to connect custom sites.

You set it up in under 5 minutes and then you can basically forget about it. Each time you start a new online store, you add it to Cartboss – and it only takes a minute of your time – then you just let CartBoss do its magic.

CartBoss will generate you revenue on autopilot –
and the ROI will amaze you!

Damjan and Tadej

Start recovering abandoned carts  today!

Optimize your marketing campaigns, automate your online profit and get in direct contact with your online visitors!


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