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Cosmetics brand Elinor with 7000%+ ROI

Elinor is a line of luxury cosmetics for women operating in central Europe in various online stores. The brand has a strong online presence with blog posts, articles, social media channels, various guest posts as well as email marketing – and now text message marketing.

They decided to implement CartBoss in their marketing channel to better connect with their customers, grow additional sales, and build their brand name as best as possible. With personalized abandoned carts and Post-Purchase text messages that is exactly what they are achieving!

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CartBoss was recommended to me by an acquaintance of mine who is a marketing expert. I trust him so I decided to test it out since the results that I was told were really good. A few days after we activated CartBoss on our site we saw we had a ROI of 7200%!”

Nik Primc, CEO of Elinor Cosmetics

With the help of CartBoss, the number of additional sales grows on autopilot! Everything is already prepared so all that is needed to do is install the plugin and connect it with an API key. It is a short, 5-minute process that includes registration.

After that, wait for the results – and that is exactly what Elinor Cosmetics did – wait for the results. And the results speak for themselves.

It was as simple as it gets to start recovering abandoned carts with CartBoss – install the plugin, connect it with your account, and you are done!

Nik Primc

CartBoss is a Plug & Play solution with text messages already pre-prepared and translated – although you can write your own custom ones as well.

The language of the recipient is automatically detected, the offered discount is auto-applied to the recipient’s cart, and the coupon codes are generated on the fly – and also automatically deleted after 2 weeks.

There are currently 2 different kinds of text messages that can be sent with CartBoss: Abandoned cart text messages and Post-Purchase text messages. Both are successfully used by Elinor Cosmetics in order to recover orders that have been abandoned and to upsell additional products after a successful online purchase.

We are also preparing additional types of text messages that will help grow brand awareness and sales on autopilot.

The results CartBoss offers are undisputed! Every online store benefits from our solution and it takes only a few minutes to connect your sites. Everything else is already prepared.

Start recovering abandoned carts  today!

Optimize your marketing campaigns, automate your online profit and get in direct contact with your online visitors!


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