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Sports clothing brand SWY with 6000%+ ROI

SWY is a high-end sports clothing brand with a large social following. Delivering quality products, customer satisfaction, and a personal approach is what made this brand stand out from the rest of the competition.

They started spreading to new markets across the EU and were looking for new ways of getting in touch with their customers and optimizing their marketing costs. They wanted a more direct approach than emails which is why they decided to test out text messages.

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“We were not sure if text messages would be good for our brand as we have a devoted following and did not want to be too invasive. But we wrote our own custom messages that reflected our brand, activated the Custom Sender ID, and hoped for the best. The results were amazing, to say the least.”

Petra Parovel, CEO

Often times brands are worried that they will be too direct with contacting their customers with text messages which is why they stayed with just emails for such a long time. They do not want to lose their following and “good reputation” so being cautious with testing out new marketing channels is always a concerning factor.

Writing custom text messages gives companies the option to communicate with their customers via text messages in the spirit of their brand, making it more personal and definitely not invasive – especially if the brand has a devoted following.

We tested CartBoss on a day when we did a big promotion when we had over 60k visitors per hour. This way we would quickly see if our followers liked getting our messages or not. We did not get even one complaint!!! And we always get notified if something is not right with our fan base.

Petra Parovel

The custom text messages can also be dynamic, meaning that they can have placeholders for parts of the message so that they are then replaced with the recipient information.

Some of these include the name or surname of the recipient, their cart items, the number of items in the cart, and so on. This makes the messages even more personal, giving the feeling to the recipient as if they were personally sent the message.

Text messages are really popular with online visitors and, despite that store owners think that they are too personal, people actually like receiving them.

More than 70 percent of people like to get text messages from stores and brands that they like. They believe that receiving text messages is a great way to get notified about new promotions and special offers!

CartBoss is the simplest and most powerful solution for recovering abandoned carts with text messages. And with a ROI of over 6000%, SWY Brand is proof of success!

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