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Treecelet recovering abandoned carts with 4900%+ ROI

Treecelet is an environmental enterprise focused on helping the deforestation problem by raising money through selling bracelets and investing in planting trees with the profit they make. They operate within the EU market in more than 8 different countries.

They have been looking for a simple solution to optimize their marketing spending as it is vital for them to raise as many funds and awareness as possible. They are a small, devoted team, with little time on their hands.

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“We have been wanting to test out text messages in our marketing campaigns for a while now, but all the solutions we found were just too complicated and needed a lot of resources from us. Writing and translating the text messages, testing what works and what doesn’t, and implementing the solution in our online shops was just too big of a project to handle – until we found CartBoss.”

Domen Hrovat, Head of Marketing at Treecelet

Treecelet is a good example of a company that simply does not have the time to come up with its own text messaging marketing solution for its Ecommerce business.

Thinking of what to send to your customers who abandoned their checkout can be a long process until you find the messages that offer a good conversion rate.

After that, the messages need to be translated and checked whether they were translated correctly, which brings about additional expenses – and you haven’t even started sending them yet.

At CartBoss, we had everything already prepared. It really is a plug-and-play solution that was completed in around 5 minutes. That is all it took to start recovering abandoned carts. We literally saw results in the first hour of activation!

Miha Hrovat
Co-Founder of Treecelet

Using text messages as a marketing channel for your e-commerce business has one important component to it that makes them really useful – seamless website integration.

When offering discounts, it is important for the user experience that everything works out of the box, without the need to write in the coupon code. For optimal conversions, visitors need to have everything working automatically!

After the recipient of the message clicks on the link in it, they are redirected to the checkout with all their information already pre-filled in the form, and the offer provided in the message is added to their cart.

If you offer a discount, it is automatically added to the cart. With CartBoss, you can offer fixed discounts, percentage discounts, free shipping, and even custom coupon codes – which enables complete flexibility.

The simplicity of use and implementation in websites, as the Treecelet team describes, is exactly what we wanted to offer to our users here at CartBoss.

We know that time is very valuable and most e-commerce companies do not have plenty of it. This is why the solution we offer is a perfect fit for any company that wants to start optimizing their marketing spending and add a new marketing channel in under 5 minutes!

Start recovering abandoned carts  today!

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