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Argos Media Ltd. spent just €7 and made €500 with CartBoss

CartBoss offers a one-of-a-kind solution, unique to its market. Not only is the process of integration simple, but all of CartBoss’ features have already undergone A/B testing and are set up for optimal conversions.

Once a website is added to CartBoss, visitors who abandon carts are automatically contacted via text messages with a reminder or a special offer. You can send your visitors an offer that includes either a fixed or a percentage discount, free delivery, no fee COD option, or even a free gift upon order completion.

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“It was so simple to integrate it in our WooCommerce store, and with the already-prepared messages, we did not have to do anything. The results CartBoss delivers are seen immediately after activation!”

Founder of Argos Media

We found a simple way of convincing our customers to complete their order if they haven’t completed the checkout process, by simply offering them free delivery. With that, we’ve started to recover abandoned carts with a ROI of more than 7000%!

Founder of Argos Media.

Every special offer is automatically embedded in the message and applied to the recipient’s cart. You simply let CartBoss do its magic and monitor the results. The plugin works completely seamlessly with the online store, thus no additional settings or work are required by the owner.

Our online store doesn’t have a lot of daily orders – we are happy if we make 20 orders per day. We don’t focus on online sales that much. That is why we were even more surprised when we checked the results a month after using CartBoss!

CEO of Argos Media.

We were honestly concerned that we would lose money because text messages seemed pricey compared to emails. Consequently, I decided to fill our account with just €30. Well, I was definitely surprised! I can’t wait for the time when I have to refill the account, because it will mean that we made more than €2000 from just €30 spent if these results continue!

Start recovering abandoned carts  today!

Optimize your marketing campaigns, automate your online profit and get in direct contact with your online visitors!


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